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So how does the

"Ultimate Job search heist" Course work...?

Learn the exact framework to land 10 times more interviews, find 10 times more opportunities, without all the anger and frustration.

You can build a Job search strategy so strong that you don’t need to run around to find your dream job, It will find you.

There is only one way that you can hit the bullseye and that’s to follow an “End to End” approach which involves planning every move. !!

Unfortunately, most job seekers find it very difficult to showcase their uniqueness and follow the same pattern. They spend the first few months looking frantically for jobs online, mostly on job boards, and never hearing back from employers. As time passes with poor results, many people panic even more and start applying everywhere! Leading to more rejections and falling into a vicious cycle that takes a lot of energy and creates a lot of frustration.

We believe that everyone is unique, filled with the unique potential to find work that highlights their strengths to their best and lights them up from within.


It's easier said than done & and honestly it's really difficult to land a job if you don’t know the right strategies.

But after loads of research, surveys, understanding the actual issues, and talking to different managers & recruiters about what the actual crux of the problem is, we were able to design the “Job Search Heist Workshop” which is devised to be a one-stop solution to every Jobseeker to ace their game. And where we come into the picture providing the right amount of guidance and support.

❗❗ Here’s what you’ll learn from the Course 💼

💥 Career Road-mapping(clarity):

Clarity is the key factor while searching for a job search even Before you create a killer resume or prep yourself for an interview. 

💥 Hidden job Market (Targeted job search)

Did you know that almost 80% of jobs are not advertised, and one of the key strategies for tapping into this ‘hidden’ job market is finding them?

 you will find out how you can tap into this “hidden job market”, stay ahead of your competition.

💥 Resume Building / revamp

Did you know that Interviewers spend only 6 seconds on average looking at a resume? Learn how to grab their attention rather than getting moved to the “no pile”. 

💥 Cover Letter creation

People looking for a job often neglect their cover letter. It is really important to have a cover letter to make a good first impression as it introduces you and your resume and also has the potential to give you an edge over others. 

💥 Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

How to beat the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and attracts more interviews.-

Wonder why you apply to so many companies but never hear back from them even though you seem you fit the profile. It might not be you and The ATS could be the culprit.

💥  Mastering and Acing the Interview Prep process

We’ll teach you all the tips and tricks on how to sell yourself effectively, WOW the hiring managers, increasing your chances to land that job you aspire.

💥  LinkedIn Kickstarter: 

A good LinkedIn profile can help you Fast Track Your Success get attention from recruiters.

As a sign up bonus, to help up the game even further. You will receive the following :

Unlock bonuses worth Rs 20,000/-

  • Bonus 1 : [Video training] Dress to impress with  Interview styling and grooming tips | Value : Rs 5,000/-

  • Bonus 2 : [Video Training ] Beat your competition Networking like a Pro | Value : Rs 5,000/-

  • Bonus 3 : [Video Training ] Increase your income with Negotiation skills | Value : Rs 5,000/-

  • Bonus 4 : [ Swipe Files ]  Resourceful Scripts and templates | Value Rs 5,000/-


Sarah Lobo


Sarah, a perpetual positive energy spreader has been on both sides of the fence of employment. Prior to setting afoot on her entrepreneurial journey with Piedpiper events, Sarah had successful employment stints with corporate bigwigs such as HSBC, Honeywell and 3 to name a few. Her employment sojourn helped her garner the experience that she so smoothly exudes. “You have very limited time to sell yourself, be it cracking a deal with the client or cracking an interview for a job.” She believes that first impression is a lasting impression. ‘YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION.’

Vivek Sridhar


Vivek, an ardent outdoor lover has always carried the entrepreneurial bug in him. After completion of his studies in event management, few internships later, he decided to dive into the world of business. 10 years on, facing obstacles and trying times, he has managed to stand the test of time and make a reputable name in the market. He attributes his success to certain skillsets which he believes are not thought in the conventional education system. He is a firm believer that people need to help each other in order to grow. He also believes in building strong relations and connections. ‘YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NETWORTH.’

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